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Life Energy Super Pack Doctor uses E-1...

These formulas provide a profound resetting of body energies at the cellular level. The [ionic minerals] help to up-regulate the parasympathetic system. This helps to relieve some of the stresses on the pituitary. I use the Subtle Energies to get that cellular-level-DNA-mitochondric-energetic phenomenon going on, and then I use my nutriceuticals, whole foods and other remedies. Some of our toughest cases have come out of it and are moving forward. --Dr. Dan Davis (from conference call 12/11/02)

A true believer...

I use this collection of products every day. E-4 allows me to be grounded, even when I am working with pre-schoolers during the day at my job. I am a true believer! --Joyce Magee, Palmdale, CA

Everyone tests for E-1...

Nearly everyone tests for needing E-1 in my clinic. As a family, we also use it daily. The E-3 lotion is part of my clinical pharmacy, and is often recommended to my clients. --Scott Moyer, President--American Association of Living Systems Information Practitioners, Santa Rosa, CA

The E-4 drops help me maintain balance during very often hectic days of working and raising a small child. I love these products! --Heidi Young, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Professionals talk about the healing power of Subtle Energy

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E-2 and MS...

I gave a nurse friend of mine who has MS the E-2. She has a very slow metabolism, and reports it works amazingly for her. She only takes it on occasion when she is extra challenged with overtime. When I get a massage I have my masseuse use the E-3 Cream on painful areas, it works well. I have had gingivitis and now a deep pocket around a 23 yr. old gold crown, the E-3 cream (externally) help me maintain stability with them, otherwise they would have to be pulled. --Maria, Santa Rosa, California

E-3 Energy Cream:

Rash healed and glad E-3 is non-allergenic...

E-3 Energy Cream Dear Subtle Energy Solutions,
I was exposed to some dangerous chemicals eleven years ago. As a result of this exposure, I have had many health problems. One of them being, that I have allergies I never had before the exposure. Certain foods, perfumes, lotions and most chemicals make me break out in miserable rashes, and/or headaches that can last for days. Most everything I use must be organic or natural. I find your lotion to be one of the few I can safely use. I do not have to worry whether or not I will get a rash or a headache. My health care professional let me use some of hers one day, and I fell in love with it. When I had a rash, it healed much faster with this miracle lotion. So needless to say, I keep it around the house ready to use. Thank You, Natalie Moore

E-3 big help with arm strain...

Hi Shay - I received the package today - thank you so much - great information and I started the products - Thank you for the E3 cream - I actually strained my left arm last week and didn't realize it - so the E3 arrived just in time - I've been in a lot of pain the past couple of days - I applied it immediately and tonight it's feeling a lot better. Wow. Thank you for sending that. I'm so thrilled to have found your site! Big smile, Kazzrie [Dec. 7, 2005]

E-3 for knee pain...

I use E3 all the time. It works real well for sore muscles and bruises. I even used it on a recent bee sting and it took the pain away. I do massage for friends and found it relieves chronic back pain and knee pain. --Linda Galvin

Help with spondylosis...

We were extremely impressed with the results we received from the use of the E-3 lotion from the very beginning. I bruise very easily and the E-3 was most impressive stopping the size of the bruises and even stopping bleeding when I would tear the skin on my hands. At the same time I was experiencing terrible pain in my gluts, down my thighs and down my leg beside my shins. Unknown to me at the time, I had a completely destroyed disk between L4-5 in my back, with spondylosis. I put pints of E-3 on my backside and legs and it kept me walking until I had back surgery last September. The neurosurgeon put two titanium cages between the vertebrae in my back. I can't thank Shay and Subtle Energy enough for the relief I received. My husband, Larry, also had back pain associated with some heavy work he was doing building our retaining wall, and E-3 made a believer out of him. I remember going to a Seminar close to the Portland Airport and being introduced to the Subtle Energy products. The claims being made caused us to smile and snicker "snake oil," but we agreed to try it. No one is a bigger doubting Thomas than my husband. He came back saying "Hey, this stuff really works"! I said, "I know it does because it's the reason I'm walking at all!" Before the surgery I was taking steps one at a time, almost crawling up them. Could not walk any distance further than the car in the driveway. --Janice Williamson

Diaper rash...

My mother-in-law had come across SES products a while back, and I must say the E-3 lotion is the tops. When my son had gotten a severe diaper rash and nothing seemed to be working; we put some E-3 lotion on his tender bottom and within a few minutes (not exaggerating), he was feeling much better. And by the end of the night there was no sign of reddness or irritation. When I looked more into of what this lotion can do I was amazed. Now, I always try to keep a bottle on hand. --Tammy, Maricopa, AZ

Masseuse uses E-3...

My bodywork practice is a relatively new venture, as I am just heading into my third year. I have a background in dance and dance instruction that spans decades, so moving into massage seemed a natural. However, the first year was a lot about setting up the business, learning marketing techniques, training in new skills and lots of research. My dance time dwindled. When the business began to flourish, I was working a lot of muscle groups into overtime, and ignoring the rest. At fifty years old, this is deadly, so I had a massage therapist work out my shoulders and back for me. It sure loosened things up, but I hurt like the dickens. Salt baths, stretching and using essential oils helped moderately, but a colleague offered me a bottle of E3 on the third day, and after an hour the discomfort was virtually gone, never to return. I was sold! A couple of weeks later, I used it on a neck muscle that is linked to the migraines I often get when my menstrual cycle starts. Watching my diet, getting extra sleep and using Clary Sage and Peppermint oils have been my standbys for years, and a combination of them usually keeps things under control. Adding E3 on that muscle seemed to really tip the scale. Not a hint of a headache. It was great. As long as I act before the migraine gets established, I can now avoid it completely. I have a client who has recurring pseudo-sciatic symptoms - pain and numbness in the lower back, hip and down the leg. Sometimes it's so severe she can hardly walk. I offered her some E3 during a particulary painful bout, and she walked out of my office without a limp. She was so impressed she took a bottle home. I now use E3 on the feet and thymus of many clients, and also for 'spot work'. I have a large inventory of Young Living essential oils, which are my standard tool. I feel E3 compliments the work of the oils as well as the Esalen massage that is the foundation of my practice. I am currently expanding to include Ortho-Bionomy as my basic 'repair tool' for chronic misalignment and/or trauma. I love the theoretical premise of the SES products, and I will be ordering the full range of them shortly. I especially like to hear about individual success stories with the products. It is amazing how often a similar situation then arises in one's own experience, and it is great to have an option for helping. Thanks for your interest. I enjoy your newsletter tremendously. A special thank you for your commmitment to products of quality that can assist people in making Real change. My most recent success with E3 has been for dental and jaw pain. A friend who was suffering with a broken tooth used a Wintergreen-based essential oil blend along the jawline to control the discomfort. When she added E3 over the oil, the pain virtually disappeared. It is truly a phenomenal product. -- Kaye Castleman, The Oasis Bodywork & Massage Studio, 100 Mile House, BC, Canada

Professionals talk about the healing power of Subtle Energy

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Knee swelling and pain...

First tried E-3 on Friday, August 9th (2003). I work for a trucking company and am usually sitting at a desk for 8 hours. I have been on crutches on and off (more on than off) since May 31st. Both of my knees have been swelled during this time. I have gotten a steroid shot and been on Celebrex. One of my drivers told me to try E-3. I rubbed it in my left knee which was swollen at that time. I did not feel a thing. I work 2nd shift and at 11 PM I went home and did my usual nightly routine--hit the LazyBoy with an ice pack. I went to bed around 2 AM, woke at 4 AM, and noticed I was walking without the crutches. I have been using E-3 since then. The swelling has gone down, plus I'm walking almost normal. I gave my Mom some to try. She has had problems with her hip. She used it 2 days and noticed a big difference. She rubbed it on her fingers the other day due to soreness in one of the joints, and the pain went away in minutes. She has since given me $ 40.00 to get her a bottle. We are firm believers this works. --Dennis "Weez" & Theresa Wisniewski- Toledo, Ohio

Another doctor uses E-3...

Dr. Gerry Shigekawa & Mrs. Just a short note to thank you for your recommendation of the Subtle Energy Solutions Formulas. In particular, I have found the E-3 Vitalizing and Repair Topical Cream to most efficacious as a therapeutic adjunct to healing. I use the E-3 cream for patients/clients with various acute and chronic musculo-skeletal problems. I find by applying the E-3 cream over a site of a recent injury or trauma, and with the use of laser therapy, it has been an effective therapeutic combination. I have also found that I have very good results with E-3 applied to old or recent scars-scars from past injuries or surgeries. It seems that the E-3 helps restore the tissue to its normal physiology, the end result being that I have seen old scars seemingly becoming less prominent. Thanks for a great line of products. [7/29/2005]: I'm still using the E3 lotion. I find that a little dab goes a long way. Since we're working with subtle energy, I find that the E3 lotion in very small amounts, when driven-in with a laser at 830 nm goes a long way. The Transformation line remains an integral part of our clinical protocols. --Dr. Gerald K. Shigekawa, D.C., Aspen Chiropractic Center, Orange, California

Edema of the hands...

My husband, William, had a stroke about a year ago, and unfortunately lost a lot of movement and feeling in his body. The E3 Lotion in particular has helped with edema in his hands. It seems to help the swelling and reduces the water retention and that tight-skin feeling that's a part of his condition. The physical therapist that works with my husband weekly has also been very impressed with the E3 lotion. --Patricia Whipp

Arthritis pain...

Kathee Estey I was introduced to E-3 by Dorothy. One day I was in pain and she handed me a bottle and said "try this it is great stuff." Since that day I use E-3 cream morning and night as recommended on my feet and upper chest area. Plus, I use it on my arthritis "hot spots" for healing and pain control. When I have sinus problems I apply it above and below my eyes for relief and I can actually feel my sinuses I use it for neck and headache problems with instant relief. I have handed many bottles to people that I met during the day, including clients, when I see they are in pain--I feel that strongly about the product. My husband also uses E-3 for arm and neck arthritis every day. E-3 is part of our daily life. We use it with confidence, knowing we are helping to rebuild our bodies! --Kathee Estey, Dennisport, Massachusettes

Skin damage...

The E-3 Cream has been a tremendous help in coping with skin damage caused by parasites. It definitely speeds up the healing process. I also enjoy using the mouth rinse as it not only makes my mouth feel great, but when swallowed helps promote good digestion. --JR, Portland, Oregon

Arm and wrist pain...

I met Shay in California this past May ...what can I say she has an incredibly beautiful and intuitive Heart and a wealth of information to share on the alternative health world! She is an amazing supporter of our children! I have been using the E-3 lotion which to my surprise took care of a very painful arm and wrist in a matter of hours! I have been using it with Lawrence as well for massage and specially on his legs...he has a ton of bruises as he spends a lot of time creeping and crawling! E-3 has been working wonders! Thanks Shay! --Leo Provan

Avoiding hip surgery...

We are senior citizens and experience some pain. The E-3 lotion works miracles on eliminating pain. My husband's doctor said at some point he would need to have a hip replacement. He did experience a fair amount of pain in the hip area. With the E3 lotion applied daily, Ray has been able to eliminate the pain that was so often a part of his day. And we both feel there won't be a need for a hip replacement at anytime in his future. --Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Longway, Sr., Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Low back pain...

Professionals talk about the healing power of Subtle Energy

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Had a recent patient who came into our office after having going through a weekend of moving furniture. She was the everyday low back pain patient--intractable buckling low back pain. Pain level was reported at 10+ on a scale of 1-10 worse. The usual orthopedic and neuro example came up with subluxations to the pelvis and lumbar spine with a working diagnosis of acute pelvic instability. Treatment rendered was adjustments to the pelvic and lumbar spine adjunctive therapy with E-3 to the quadratus lumborum muscles, pushed-in with low level laser therapy, (LLLT) Resonance/energy testing revealed she needed E-2--10 drops every 4 hours. Patient was fitted with a pelvic stabilizer and instructed to sleep with the knees in flexed position with the knees above the hips. Next morning she called, left a message that she couldn't believe how good she felt, pain reported at a level of 0/1--Halleluya!!!! another miracle cure.--Gerald K. Shigekawa, D.C., Aspen Chiropractic Center, Orange, California


I am a big believer in the E-3 lotion. I use it every day and am ordering four bottles this time. I've been using it mainly for indigestion. I apply it on my abdomen when the symptoms start, and the pain goes away immediately. --June Yeargin, Georgetown, IL

Great on the feet...

Thanks so much for your generosity & kindness in offering these products to the list. I have to say that my fave is the E-3 cream, too, & I love to put it on the thymus & feet. I feel such energy all the next day & I am not taking any supplements right now. It is amazing! Thank you so much for blessing us. --A.T. Heal

Buying in bulk...

The E3 is an excellent product! We have been selling it to a lot of our friends and neighbors and they expect us to keep it available for them that is why we are buying in this quantity. --Dean Begg (1.24.06)

Life Energy Super Pack You get:
1 oz. E-1 (Nervous System Support)
1 oz. E-2 (Digestive System Support)
1 oz. E-4 (Immune System Support)
4-oz. E-3 Lotion (First Aid for injuries and pain)

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